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The Namaste Diet is an innovative way of looking at our eating and lifestyle habits based on ancient principles of yoga and ayurveda.

The core of the the Namaste Diet is the principle of eating mindfully and weaving mindfulness into each and every aspect of the eating process: From food preparation to sitting down and enjoying your meal in peace.

The word diet here refers to eating habits and not “dieting” or negating yourself pleasure in food.This diet is not about counting calories or macros, or removing whole food groups from your diet, quite the opposite. It is about including all natural foods full of life on your plate.

The word Namaste comes from yoga and ayurveda teachings and it means “I recognize the divine within myself, and each and every being in this universe”
Our eating and lifestyle habits are a direct reflection of our relationship with our body and the level of self love we practice.Through the namaste diet, we learn how to eat mindfully in order to nourish our body lovingly, while respecting nature and all of earth’s creatures. Because eating mindfully means eating foods that do not create damage or harm our body nor anyone else's body or mother Earth.

The Namaste Diet is a way of eating predominantly plant-based foods, prepared with love, and suited specifically for your unique body/mind composition. Using well established principles of Ayurveda, also known as “The science of Life,” we will help you determine specifically which foods are right for you. Not only that, but through mindful eating you will learn what is the optimal way to prepare your food, the best time to eat them, and develop a ritual of mindful eating that celebrates life, and helps you enjoy food without guilt.


Doshas are the basis by which we study a person's constitution and appropriate diet. They are the guidelines to analyze and treat our body according to its "nature"


Movement + Change 

Elements: Ether/Space & AirQualities: Cold, Dry, Light, Mobile, Subtle


Purpose + Transformation

Elements: Fire + Water Qualities: Hot, Intense, Oily, Fast


Stability + Grounding 

Elements: Water + Earth Qualities: Cold, Heavy, Wet, Static

The Namaste Diet & Lifestyle

Coming soon! The complete guide on Ayurvedic cooking and lifestyle in one book. Long awaited by many, our research has culminated in this beautiful cookbook that will teach you the principles and dietary needs based on your body type or Dosha.